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Mate Kovačević1 (M)
b. 22 November 1896, d. 3 September 1988

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Descendant Chart for Tomas Marasović
Descendant Chart for Ivan Kovačević

Mate Kovack ca 1948
     Mate Kovačević was born on 22 November 1896 at Zvečanje, Dalmatia, son of Ivan Kovačević and Marija Martić.4,5,1 'Kovač' is a blacksmith in Croatian while 'ević' is 'son of'. He lived at Zvečanje 1896. Also spelled "Zvecany" in the naturalization petition.2,6 He was born on 26 December 1896, son of Ivan Kovačević and Marija Martić.6,7 He immigrated on 11 June 1912 to New York, New York, M.3,6 He lived at 9945 Avenue "J", Chicago, Illinois 7 June 1917.6 He was crane operator on 7 June 1917.6 He filed a Petition for Naturalization on 7 June 1917 at Chicago.6 As of 7 June 1917, Mate Kovačević was also known as Mike Kovachovich on his naturalization petition.6

Mate married Marija Ivanica Marasović, daughter of Andrija Marasović and Ivanica Prkić, on 26 February 1922 at Sacred Heart of Jesus Croatian Catholic Church, 2864 E. 96th Street, Chicago, Illinois. Wedding attendees included Draga Marasović, John Bracic and Reverend J Z Terrich Rector. Some time later Mate changed his name to "Kovack". It is understood that he did this so his name could better appear on a saloon sign.8 Mate Kovačević was also known as Matthew Kovack. He lived at 10059 Indianapolis Blvd., Chicago, Illinois 5 October 1922.9 He was Described in naturalization certificate as dark complexion, white color, with brown eyes and dark hair and no visible distinguishing marks. On 5 October 1922 at Chicago.10 As of 5 October 1922, Mate Kovačević was also known as Mate Kovach Naturalization certificate has stamped on back Department of State notation regarding a passport issued on 2 August 1949 that his name was 'changed by order of court from Mate Kovacevich'.9 He was naturalized on 5 October 1922 at Chicago.9 At age 27, Matthew became the father of Lorraine Rose Kovack on 13 June 1924. Her death certificate shows a birth date of 13 June 1923.11 An incident in Mate's life. At age 30, Matthew became the father of James Kovack on 13 May 1927 at Chicago, Illinois.12 He lived from 1928 to 1988 at 10643 Avenue "F", Chicago, Illinois, with Marija Ivanica Kovack, Lorraine Rose Kovack and James Kovack. Daughter Lorraine moved out when she married some years earlier.10 Andrija Marasović, Ivanica Marasovich, Edward Joseph Marasovic, Sister Mary Andrew Marasovich Order of Carmel, Joseph August Granich, Florence Barbara Granich, Marie Evelyn Granich, Genevieve A. Granich, Lorraine Rose Kovack, Unknown Padzich, Nikola Malenica, Marija Ivanica Kovack, Mate Kovačević, Zora Granich, Joseph Melvan, Joseph Komar, Joseph Hrstich, Mate Hrstich, Petar Koljanin, Mary Hrstich, Anna Hartman, Dorothy Josephine Granich, James Kovack and Mary Furlan attended the wedding of Jakov Radja and Draga Marasović on 4 May 1929 at Chicago.13,14,15,16 He bought a farm circa 1948 at Hopkins, Michigan. The farm was located very close to sister Matia's farm. The farm included a large brick house with no indoor plumbing. He eventually installed indoor plumbing.2,17 He and James Kovack shopped for items at Hopkins.2 Mate was an expert player of the accordion. One day while playing he killed a pet parakeet with his foot. He stopped playing after that accident and later sold the accordion.12 He received a watch for 25 years of service with Inland Steel on 10 June 1960.2 He and James Kovack travelled by air to visit relatives in Zvečanje, Jugoslavia in 1985 to an unknown place . His cognitive powers were very poor at that time and James had trouble keeping track of him.2 He was ill with a brain aneurism and an operation in 1986.12 He died on 3 September 1988 at Chicago at age 91.4,2,18 He was buried on 7 September 1988 in the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery located in Calumet City, Illinois.18,7

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Children of Mate Kovačević and Marija Ivanica Marasović
Lorraine Rose Kovack+ b. 13 Jun 1924, d. 15 Jul 1988
James Kovack (living)


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