Captain James "Jim" Radja, USN passed away on 8 April 2018 in Vienna, Virginia at the age of 88 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery (Section 57, Grave 1145) along with his beloved wife of 64 years, Caroline. In later life, he worked tirelessly on this genealogical research website. It is archived here as a snapshot in time by his family so that the wealth of information it contains is not lost to the ages.

Jim Radja's Genealogy Research

Researching CASTERLINE, DILWORTH, FOSSA, FROST, GOULD, GRANI�, JONES, LaFAVE, KOVA�EVI�, MARASOVI�, McCurdy, MILES, QUIRKE, RADJA, RA�A, SCOTT and SLOMOVITZ. Click on the "Charts" button to take you to the surname charts for the various family lines or click on the "Surnames" button to see our whole listing.

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Adkins, Gladys to Brossard, Urbaine
Brow, Alex to Edwards, Stephen
Eiriksdotter, Kari to Harrington, Robert
Harris, Emma to LaFave, Zoe
Lafosse, Sebastian to Morel, Michel
Morley, Agnes to Ra�a, Ivan
Ra�a, Ivan to Slomovitz, Linh
Smith, F. B. to �ysteinson �sland, Olav

Last Updates

Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A