Captain James "Jim" Radja, USN passed away on 8 April 2018 in Vienna, Virginia at the age of 88 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery (Section 57, Grave 1145) along with his beloved wife of 64 years, Caroline. In later life, he worked tirelessly on this genealogical research website. It is archived here as a snapshot in time by his family so that the wealth of information it contains is not lost to the ages.



Jim Radja's Genealogy Research

Researching CASTERLINE, DILWORTH, FOSSA, FROST, GOULD, GRANI�, JONES, LaFAVE, KOVA�EVI�, MARASOVI�, McCurdy, MILES, QUIRKE, RADJA, RA�A, SCOTT and SLOMOVITZ. Click on the "Charts" button to take you to the surname charts for the various family lines or click on the "Surnames" button to see our whole listing.

This site is devoted to researching the various families related to Jim Radja and Caroline Gould Radja. Many of the family members living/lived in Croatia are owed to the effort of Fr Luka Ra�a of Zagreb, Croatia. Fossa family members living/lived in Norway, with pictures, are owed to the effort of Ove Fossa of Sandnes, Norway. The Gould-LaFave family line and it's many branches in Canada, France and England is owed to the work of Pearl May LaFave Dyer of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Note that for living people, only names are included, except as authorized by the adult individual or parent of a minor individual. Note that the Croatian alphabet includes characters with diacriticals, e.g. the name "Kova�evi�". To view these correctly am trying to set your browser automatically to use encoding of 'Central European Windows' fonts. If that's not working you may have to do it manually using the browser "VIEW - ENCODING" menu. Click here to see a listing of Croatian character pronunciations.

My apologies to those without broadband service if the images are too large. Have tried to size them correctly. All exhibits/images, except for the subject individuals picture, will be designated by an icon at the end of the pertinent sentence. The icon may be a page Click here to view text for text or a camera Click here to view image for a picture. Placing the mouse pointer over the icon will produce a popup of the exhibit title. Many images with multiple people or objects will include an 'image map' that shows a pop-up name and may permit clicking on that person to take you to their listing. See the sample Marasovich family below.

This history contains the translations of almost two hundred letters from Croatia dating back to 1924. An example letter is shown when you click here to see a sample letter.

This history includes the Y Chromosome DNA analysis of the author as done by the National Geographic Society's Genographic Project. Click here to see the analysis.

This work was begun many years ago and only recently has had it's deserved attention. The data is being maintained in 'The Master Geneologist V6.0' software.

A Sample of Family Data

The Marasovich Family at Draga Marasovich Radja's Wedding in May 1929
(Click on Person to See Biography)
Mary Marasovich Kovack Draga Marasovich Radja Ivanica Prkich Marasovich Andrija Marasovich Edward Marasovich Zora Marasovich Granich Annie Marasovich

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