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Edward Joseph Marasovic1 (M)
b. 2 January 1909, d. 24 May 1981

Appears on charts:
Descendant Chart for Tomas Marasović

     Edward Joseph Marasovic was born on 2 January 1909 at 1822 South 3rd Street, Saint Louis, Missouri, son of Andrew Marasovich and Ivanica Marasovich.2 Could not find any Marasovich baptism records in St Joseph (Croatian) or Sts. Peter & Paul church records in StLouis.3 He lived with Andrija Marasović and Draga Marasović, Marija Ivanica Marasović, Zora Marasovich and Ivanica Marasovich in 1911 at 1621 South 2nd (rear), St. Louis, Missouri. Spelling of name 'Andrew Marasofitch' in St Louis city directories is wrong, but believe we have the correct Andrew. Andrija is listed as a laborer. Family members are not listed. Could not find Marasovich name in St Louis city directories of the same time frame.4,5,6,7,8 He lived with Andrija Marasović and Ivanica Marasovich and Draga Marasović, Marija Ivanica Marasović and Annie Marasovich circa 1920 at 9120 Mackinaw Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. From the census, it appears to be a multiple unit home with at least four families; all with origins in Croatia.9

Edward Joseph Marasovic was enumerated with Andrija Marasović on the census of 5 January 1920 at Chicago as Edward Marasovich. Listed as 10 years old, attending school, able to read and write, born in Missouri, father and mother born in Croatia, speaks English, occupation 'none'.10
Andrija Marasović, Ivanica Marasovich, Edward Joseph Marasovic, Sister Mary Andrew Marasovich Order of Carmel, Joseph August Granich, Florence Barbara Granich, Marie Evelyn Granich, Genevieve A. Granich, Lorraine Rose Kovack, Unknown Padzich, Nikola Malenica, Marija Ivanica Kovack, Mate Kovačević, Zora Granich, Joseph Melvan, Joseph Komar, Joseph Hrstich, Mate Hrstich, Petar Koljanin, Mary Hrstich, Anna Hartman, Dorothy Josephine Granich, James Kovack and Mary Furlan attended the wedding of Jakov Radja and Draga Marasović on 4 May 1929 at Sacred Heart of Jesus Croatian Catholic Church, 2864 E. 96th Street, Chicago, Illinois.11,12,13,14

Edward Joseph Marasovic was enumerated with Andrija Marasović, Jennie Marasovich and Annie Marasovich on the census of 17 April 1930 at 10732 Avenue "O", Chicago, Illinois, as Edward Marasovich. Listed as 21 years old, does not live on a farm, single, has not attended school or college in last six months, born in Missouri whereas his father and mother were born in Yugoslavia, he can read, write and speak English, employed as a laborer at Coal Products but not currently employed, not a veteran.15
He joined the Civilian Conservation Corps on 7 June 1933 at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. On enrollment, he listed Jennie Marasovic as his nearest relative and provided a mandatory $25 per month allotment for her from his $30 per month salary. On enrollment at Ft Sheridan he was given a physical examination which he passed and showed him to be 64.5 inches tall at 131 pounds, black hair, black eyes, dark complexion, good eyesight, have flat feet, bunions and many missing teeth. His previous occupation was shown as "Billet Record". He stayed at Ft Sheridan for three weeks of "conditioning" work. Then he was transferred to Camp Whitnall Park, Wisconsin for "reforstation". On 6 September, 1933, he was returned to Ft Sheridan and discharged "for the purpose of engaging employment elsewhere".16 An article "Techniques and Tips: Have You Checked CCC Records Yet?" by Beth Maltbie Uyehara has been written to help researchers. He participated in the steel workers demonstration at Republic Steel at 116th Street and Avenue O on 30 May of 1937. He was shot in the leg by a policeman. His wound is diagrammed in the record of Congressional hearings (pp5148) on the "Memorial Day Incident". Ten demonstrators were killed by police, four of whom were shot in the back.17 At the end of June 1937 the US Senate, LaFollette Committee, held hearings on the "Memorial Day Incident". Exhibit 1463 of the Hearings record shows the bullet wounds of some of the demonstrators shot by police. This exhibit includes the wounds of Edward Marasovich (spelled Morosovic in the exhibit).18

Edward married Elizabeth LeDonne circa 1940. Wedding attendees included Dolores Marie Radja and James Eugene Radja. This date is a rank guess.19,17 On 18 September 1941, Edward and Elizabeth Marasovich secured a $2,000, five year mortgage for Lot 13 (10137 Hoxie Avenue) from Chicago Title and trust Company. Terms are for 5% interest rate and for payment of $35.00 per month until 1 October 1946.20 He was an attendee when Andrija Marasović and Ivanica Marasovich were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with family members on 2 March 1947 at Chicago.21 At age 42, Edward became the father of Carole Anne Marasovic on 15 November 1951 at 10137 Hoxie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.22 He and Carolyn Radja, Zora Granich, Sister Mary Andrew Marasovich Order of Carmel and Marija Ivanica Kovack were the heirs of the estate of Ivanica Marasovich probated on 27 October 1961 at Probate Court of Cook County, Richard J. Daley Center, Chicago, Illinois. Caroline Radja and Edward Marasovich acted as Executors.

They were 'bonded' for $11,500 for faithful discharge of their duties.

The estate was valued approximately as $5,000 Personal and $5,000 Real Estate.

The heirs were identified as Edward Marasovich, Caroline Radja, Mary Kovack, Zorka Granich and Anna Marasovich (aka Sister Mary Andrew)

On 27 October 1961, Caroline Radja was called to testify as to the legitimacy of the five children heirs of Ivanica.

On 20 November 1961, Dr. Leo H. Holm, M.D. filed a claim for $25 against the estate. His service was for anesthesia for a fractured hip on 28 June 1961.

For a fee of $13 the probate was published in the 'Chicago Daily Law Bulletin' on 31 October 1961 and November 7-14 1961.

Mr. D.M. Knight and Counsel Vincent Knaus were called to testify, on 27 October, that they witnessed the signing, on 11 September 1958, by Ivanica of the will being probated. Official Reporting Service of the Probate Court billed the estate $17 documenting the will proof. This was a revised will from the one signed on 22 August 1957. This new will included in the probate file is illegible.

On 30 November 1961, Mr. Jerome J. Smerz, appraiser, testified that no 'goods or chattels' of the estate have come to his knowledge.

The Claude E. Griesel Mortuary, represented by Grace Griesel, submitted a voucher of $1,701.05 for 'Directorial Services' in the funeral of Ivanica. This included $795 for the casket.

On 1 November, the Executors submitted to the Court an inventory of estate assets:
1. Unecumbered and unimproved Lot 13, adjacent to 10732 Ave O, Chicago.
2. Unecumbered Lot 14 improved with a one and a half story frame residence containing two apartments, 6 rooms up and 3 rooms down.
3. Unecumbered and unimproved Lot 15, adjacent to 10732 Ave O, Chicago.
4. Savings account at Steel City National Bank account #17959 for $5,513.20
5. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company policy #56855751, dated 22 April 1918, on life of Ivanica, proceeds of $50.10.

Total cash proceeds of $7,112.11 minus costs for various administrative fees and services (including $375 for each of the two executors) of $2,262.00 and debts of $1,742.05 leaving cash on hand for distribution of $3,108.06. The distribution to each of the five heirs was then $421.61 plus $1,000 to Caroline Radja according to the will dated 11 September 1958. Sale proceeds of the three lots and building is NOT mentioned.23 On 5 November 1962 the title to the real estate (three lots and one building) Of Ivanica Marasovich was transferred to her five heirs Edward Marasovich, Caroline Radja, Mary Kovack, Zorka Granich and Anna Marasovich.24 Here's a photo of the Edward Marasovich family around 1963. On 23 December 1963 the title to the real estate (three lots (13, 14 & 15) and one building) of heirs Edward Marasovich, Caroline Radja, Mary Kovack, Zorka Granich and Anna Marasovich from Ivanica Marasovich was transferred to Angelo and Hanna DiCianni of Chicago. No sale price was mentioned.25,26 Angelo & Hanna DiCianni, purchasers of Ivanica Marasovich's inherited three lots immediately secured a mortgage from The Steel City National Bank of Chicago for $12,500 for lots 14 & 15. It can be assumed that this is close to what they paid the heirs on transfer of the title. So the heirs received about $2,500 each.27 He attended the marriage of Jeanne Scott and Thomas Gregory Radja on 21 August 1967 at First Congregational Church, 1047 Curtiss Street, Downers Grove, Illinois.28 He suffered from diabetes and lost a leg due to complications around 1970.29 On 30 May 1979, the United Steelworkers of America, Local 1033, published a pamphlet commemorating the "Memorial Day Incident" of 1937. The pamphlet details the incident and the events leading up to it and following it.30 After suffering a stroke, he spent his last months in a hospital and lost his remaining leg.29 He died on 24 May 1981 at Whitehall Convelascent Nursing Home, 1901 North Lincoln Park West, Chicago, Illinois, at age 72.1,31 He was buried on 29 May 1981 in the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery located in Calumet City, Illinois. Attendees included Thomas Gregory Radja, James Kovack, Roy LeDonne, Orlando LeDonne, Mark LaPorte and Charles Masny The grave is in Section 17 West (Grave 4, Lot 24, Block 24). No grave marker could be found in the cemetery although the cemetery knows when and where he is buried. Of the funeral attendees, the following acted as pall bearers: Thomas G. Radja, James Kovack, Roy LeDonne, Orlando LeDonne, Mark LaPorte and Charles Masny.31,32

Last Edited=18 Oct 2006

Child of Edward Joseph Marasovic and Elizabeth LeDonne
Carole Anne Marasovic (living)


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