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Ivan Kovačević1,2 (M)
b. 22 March 1854

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Descendant Chart for Ivan Kovačević

Ivan Kovachevich
     Ivan Kovačević was born on 22 March 1854 at Zvečanje, Dalmatia, son of Petar Kovačević and Tomica Vuletić.1,3

Ivan married Matija Krcatović on 13 November 1882 at Ostrvica, Dalmatia.3

Ivan married Marija Martić, daughter of Ivan Martić and Ivanica Mihaljević, on 18 January 1892 at Zvečanje. This is Ivan's second marriage.1,2,3 Ivan and Marija were third cousins but the Catholic Church gave them permission to marry.3

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Children of Ivan Kovačević and Matija Krcatović
Ante Kovačević b. 3 Dec 1883, d. 19803
Pera Kovačević b. 11 Oct 1888, d. 8 Dec 18913
Petar Kovačević b. 3 Nov 1891, d. 28 Jan 18923

Children of Ivan Kovačević and Marija Martić
Matija Kovačević+ b. 26 Mar 1893, d. 29 Jul 19694,3
Pera Kovačević b. 17 Jan 1895, d. 5 Aug 18963
Mate Kovačević+ b. 22 Nov 1896, d. 3 Sep 19881,5
Vice Frane Kovačević b. 3 Oct 18993
Pera Kovačević b. 4 Feb 19023
Roza Kovačević b. 12 Feb 19053
Kate Kovačević b. 20 Feb 19073


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