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Donna Jean Radja (F)
b. 28 August 1934, d. 18 February 2005

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     Donna Jean Radja was born on 28 August 1934, daughter of Jakov Radja and Carolyn Radja. She was an attendee when Andrija Marasović and Ivanica Marasovich were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with family members on 2 March 1947 at 10732 Avenue "O", Chicago, Illinois.2 She attended the graduation of James Eugene Radja on 4 June 1951 at US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.3 She and Dolores Marie Radja attended movies when visiting Uncle Matt's farm at 112 East Main Street, Hopkins, Michigan. The movie house has since been converted to a 'Village Banquet Center'.4 She was the Maid of Honor at the wedding of S. David Frost and Dolores Marie Radja on 17 October 1953 at St Francis deSales Catholic Church, 102nd Street & Ewing Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.5 She attended the marriage of Caroline Elizabeth Gould and James Eugene Radja on 29 August 1954 at North Island Chapel, San Diego, California.6

Donna married John Quirke, son of Michael Joseph Quirke and Celia Ann Quirke, on 11 October 1958 at St Francis deSales Church. Wedding attendees included Kathy Frost, Carolyn Radja, Celia Ann Quirke and Jakov Radja. Her married name was Donna Jean Quirke. At age 26, Donna became the mother of Carol Quirke on 20 December 1960. At age 29, Donna became the mother of Sharon Quirke on 7 November 1963. She attended the marriage of Jeanne Scott and Thomas Gregory Radja on 21 August 1967 at First Congregational Church, 1047 Curtiss Street, Downers Grove, Illinois.7 At age 33, Donna became the mother of Michael Joseph Quirke on 30 August 1967. At age 35, Donna became the mother of Sheila M. Quirke on 13 October 1969. She attended celebration of their fiftieth wedding anniversary with Jakov Radja and Carolyn Radja in May 1979 at Chicago, Illinois.3 She celebrated his ninetyth birthday with Jakov Radja and Carolyn Radja in September 1986 at Chicago. The family from all over the country participated.3 Jakov Radja, Draga Marasović, Donna Jean Quirke, John Quirke, Carol Quirke, Michael Joseph Quirke and Sheila M. Quirke attended the wedding of Philip J. Reece and Sharon Quirke on 16 September 1989 at St Jude The Apostle Church, 880 East 154th Street, South Holland, Illinois.3 She attended the burial of Jakov Radja in October 1989 at in the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery located in Calumet City, Illinois.8 James Eugene Radja, Carol Radja, Melinda Ann Radja, Dolores Marie Frost, Donna Jean Quirke, S. David Frost, Melissa Stewart Radja, Nicole B. Radja, Paul Radja and Yvonne Louise Dilworth attended the wedding of Gregory Andrew Radja and Mary Lee May on 24 June 1995 at Lombard, Illinois.3 She and John Quirke lived at Apple River, Illinois 2000.3 She attended the ceremony where Captain David Frost USN on 28 June 2002 at Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois, took command of the Navy Recruiting Region Central.3 The Quirke's posed after the ceremony.3 Donna Jean Radja, Thomas Gregory Radja, John Quirke and Jeanne Scott was visited by Jim Radja and Carol Radja who travelled by car in February 2004 to Gulf Shores, Alabama.3 She died of a malignant brain tumor on 18 February 2005 at 900 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois, at age 70. Donna's obituary appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Illinois, on 20 February 2005. She was buried on 22 February 2005 Calumet City. Attendees included Jeremy Hornik, James Eugene Radja, Gregory Andrew Radja, S. David Frost, Dolores Marie Frost, David J. Frost, Carol Quirke, John Quirke, Michael Joseph Quirke, Sharon Quirke, Sheila M. Quirke and Philip J. Reece along with many others. The burial service, at St. Jude the Apostle Church in South Holland, Illinois, was celebrated by Reverend Thomas S. Cabala.3

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Children of Donna Jean Radja and John Quirke
Carol Quirke (living)
Sharon Quirke (living)
Michael Joseph Quirke (living)
Sheila M. Quirke (living)


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