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Ivan Rađa (M)
b. 1945, d. 28 May 2007

Appears on charts:
Descendant Chart for Petar Rađa

Ivan Rađa October 2004
     Ivan Rađa was born in 1945, son of Josip Rađa and Marija Kokeza.2

Ivan married Iva Dadić. Ivan became the father of Želko Rađa in 1969. Ivan became the father of Joško Rađa in 1971.
Ivan wrote a letter to Jakov and Carolyn Radja on 3 April 1976 from Split. Notifies of the death of his father Josip.3
Ivan wrote a letter to Jakov and Carolyn on 9 September 1976 from Split. Mentions that his mother is sick and that no one lives in Ogorje any more.4 Ivan became the father of Mate Rađa in 1981. He is a supervisor in factory, Adriastroj, building special purpose machinery; such as drill presses, etc. Much of this machinery is for automobile building in Germany.

Ivan is continuing development of his house in Ogorje. He has dug out areas on either side of the house for a patio on one side and a garage on the other. In May 1998 he fabricated an iron railing for the stairs leading to the house entrance. Looks very professional, with welding and twisted metal stiles. He's also, in 1998, building a wine cellar (above ground, with cement blocks) at his place in Split. With help from sons Želko and Joško. As of 1998, Ivan Rađa lived at Sučidar 27, Split, Dalmatia. He attended the marriage of Gordana Pirić and Joško Rađa on 20 July 2003 at Sveta Josip, Split, Dalmatia.1 He died of liver cancer after suffering for three years on 28 May 2007 at Split, Dalmatia.5

Last Edited=5 Jun 2007

Children of Ivan Rađa and Iva Dadić
Želko Rađa (living)
Joško Rađa (living)
Mate Rađa (living)


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    Dear cousin,
    We haven't heared eachother for along time but unfortunatley on the 28. of may in his 62. year our cousin Ivan died. He was sick a bit over 3 years of liver cancer and unfortunatly the illness got the better of him.
    My best regards your cousin,
    Jelena Vrdoljak..

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