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Marta Rađa (F)
b. 23 June 1883, d. 1953

Appears on charts:
Descendant Chart for Petar Rađa

     Marta Rađa was born on 23 June 1883, daughter of Grgo Rađa and Iva Rađa.2 As of 25 February 1900,her married name was Biuk.2

Marta married Ivan Biuk on 25 February 1900. Husband's last name indecipherable in the Status Animarum.2 Rađa family donated Ogorje land for a school building.3
Marta,describing her family's condition, wrote a letter to Carolyn and Jakov Radja on 14 April 1949 from Ogorje Donje, Dalmatia.4 Marta and her two sisters Jandra and Cvita died within weeks of each other from an illness.5 She died of an illness in 1953 at Ogorje Donje, Dalmatia.5

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Children of Marta Rađa and Ivan Biuk
Nikola Melenica
Ante Biuk b. c 1900, d. c 19185
Marija Biuk (living)4
Iva Biuk b. 19034
Kata Biuk b. 19044


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