I. Ogorje donje (village) 14th of April 1949.

First my dear daughter in law, first we are grateful on your true love towards us because from far world after many years you remember the two of us. We are grateful because 25 hours is a lot and 25 years is even more, I have aged my dear brother and daughter in law so I wish to see you again than I would die easier. We are all well, entire family but I would like to see the whole family than I would not be sorry if I die. From my kids only Marija is alive, she had one son and he is married to Jakov's daughter. Kata had one daughter she is living with me and she is 15 years old. Ivo had three children, two sons and one daughter, she is married, they don't have father or mother and also that one that is living with me her mother died. So you know how it is. Dear daughter in law and brother I beg you to remember us more often and write a letter so I can hear how are you during my old age. We are grateful for the package.


As you remember us as we are old and you write to us (this part was hard to translate even to Croatian but the meaning is Jakov is saying that in the letter to them in Croatia they are saying that America is not for him and that even brother Bili (white in translation) that he is not interested in America)
My old men is satisfied with the goods (the package from America), dear daughter in law it is dry here, for six months there was no rain.
Nothing else new, greetings to brother Jakov, to your son Jakov Iva and the little one that I forgot the mane i to little Grga.
Brother Jakov and daughter in law a lot of love to you from me and my Ivan
Dear brother in law I am getting old and I am afraid that we will not see each other, I would like to come and see you but it is not possible. I am in good health, many thanks for remembering us and greetings from me and my old Kata.

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