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Grgo Rađa (M)
b. 2 March 1855, d. 4 July 1903

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Descendant Chart for Petar Rađa

     Grgo Rađa The Radja's lived in Ogorje Donje for 150-200 years. There are seven 'Radja' family houses in the village and along the road there are ten Eles families, twelve Lskur families, three Yukich families, eight Biuk families, six Karum families, fifty Bracevic families, three Borozan families, five Capitanovic families. The city hall is called 'much' for family records etc.

The Radja's house is about 19 miles from Split, an eight hour walk. Grgo Radja born in Ogroje (1855-1903) died of pneumonia. Iva Borozan (1859-1934 was a farmer) born in Bracevic, Dalmatia. Bracevic is the next village over from Ogorje.

The Radja's farmed about 30-40 acres in 3 or 4 pieces. They grew tobacco, wheat, potatoes, corn and pigs. They had as many as 10,000 tobacco plants. The plants were by quota from the government. The tobacco had to be sold to the government. Best leaves came from mid-plant. The price differs by location of leaf on plant. Leaves are harvested from bottom of plant as maturing.

The Radja family house was two story wherein the second story was built after dad left for America. The original house was knocked down. The house is on two acres or more of land with a brick barn on same property. The barn was built after dad left the army and he helped build it. There are 2 or 3 bedrooms on the second story. The first floor was a kitchen and one room with a fireplace in the corner of the kitchen. There is a water well about fifty feet from the house and an outside privy. The privy was flushed with a bucket of water carried by the user. In the house 5 girls slept in one room and 5 boys slept in another.
He was born on 2 March 1855 at Ogorje Donje, Dalmatia, son of Josip Rađa and Cvita Rađa.2

Grgo married Iva Borozan, daughter of Simun Borozan and Pera Bozić, on 8 August 1877.2 At age 23, Grgo became the father of Mate Rađa on 20 September 1878 at Ogorje Donje, Dalmatia.2 At age 26, Grgo became the father of Jandra Rađa on 7 October 1881 at Ogorje Donje.2 At age 28, Grgo became the father of Marta Rađa on 23 June 1883.2 Grgo and his half brother Duje were jailed for fighting where they were schooled then taught family members in Ogorje Donje.3 At age 36, Grgo became the father of Josip Rađa on 18 June 1891.2 At age 41, Grgo became the father of Jakov Radja on 24 October 1896 at Ogorje Donje. The baptism certificate shows a birthdate of 24 October 1894. The Popis Osoba of Ogorje shows a birth 23 September 1896. Family legend has it that this discrepancy has something to do with what age he needed to be to emigrate to the United States in 1920.4,5,2 At age 45, Grgo became the father of Cvita Rađa on 26 April 1900 at Ogorje Donje.2 He died Understood to have died of pneumonia. On 4 July 1903 at Ogorje Donje at age 48.2 He was buried Ogorje Donje.6 As of 1921, Grgo Rađa was also known as Grgin Radja.7 In 1934 the Rađa family donated land for a school building in Ogorje Donje.3

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Children of Grgo Rađa and Iva Borozan
Mate Rađa b. 20 Sep 1878, d. 10 Sep 1945
Jandra Rađa+ b. 7 Oct 1881, d. 1953
Marta Rađa+ b. 23 Jun 1883, d. 1953
Josip Rađa+ b. 18 Jun 1891, d. 1 Apr 19761
Jakov Radja+ b. 24 Oct 1896, d. 27 Oct 19897
Cvita Rađa b. 26 Apr 1900, d. 19532


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