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Vinko Rađa (M)
b. 11 April 1962

Appears on charts:
Descendant Chart for Petar Rađa

Vinko Rađa October 2004
     Vinko Rađa was born on 11 April 1962 at Split, Dalmatia, son of Mate Rađa and Jandra Rađa.1 Vinko served in the Jugoslav army at Pula in 1982 for 15 months.2 [Witness] lived with Mate Rađa and Jandra Rađa from 1983 to 1986 at at Warsaw. Mate started living in Warsaw in 1982.2 He was living with parents from 1983 to 1986 at Warsaw.2 While living in Warsaw, Vinko learned to speak Polish and Czech.2 He travelled with Jandra Rađa from Croatia in May 1986 to 10216 Avenue "L", Chicago, Illinois to visit Jakov Radja and Draga Marasović.1 Vinko served in the Croatian army as a regular soldier for nine months in 1993 in the Lika Province.2 He Businesman in Zagreb. Vinko has held a selection of jobs in the Zagreb area. His last was with a parts distributor for large machinery.2 As of 2004, Vinko Rađa lived at Ulica Ilica 169, Zagreb.2 On 19 October 2004, Luka was visited at the nursing home in Zagreb by Jim Radja, Thomas & Jeanne Radja and Vinko Rađa. They were barely able to communicate with Luka.3

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