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Robert Martin Syverson (M)
b. 2 April 1921, d. 23 May 2006

     Robert Martin Syverson Robert enlisted in US Navy in San Diego, California in January 1942. Served as electrician aboard ammunition ships in the Pacific. Reached rate of EM1. Left navy after WW2 to work as professional electrician in California (Santa Anna, Orange and Corona) on large construction projects such as power plants. Left California in 1982.

While in Navy was 28 months on USS Shasta (AE6) out of Port Chicago, California as part of Service Squadron 8. While in Pacific probably provided bombs, etc to USS Lexington and Hancock (CV19). Robert was at Ulithi when a kamikaze hit the Hancock in after flight deck. Was on a Yard Oiler in Hawaii for awhile. Was on a sea going rescue tug (ATA210) out of Miami Florida, where he met Eunice.1 He was born on 2 April 1921 at Tacoma, Washington, son of Fred Syverson and Bertha Priess.1

Robert married Eunice Unknown in 1945 at Miami, Florida.1

Robert married Joan Harrison in 1971.1 He and Eunice Syverson were divorced.2 He died of diabetes complications on 23 May 2006 at Nathan Adelson Hospice, Las Vegas, Nevada, at age 85. He moved to the hospice after a hospital stay. He had been living with daughter Carol since 2003, having moved down from Seattle, Washington.3 The family gathered at daughter Carol Foley's house in Las Vegas for a memorial service. Attendees included: Arthur Pohlman, Steve Syverson, Sonja Syverson, Lauren Syverson, Shea Foley and Sydney Foley. The ultimate disposition of his remains has not been determined.3

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Children of Robert Martin Syverson and Eunice Unknown
Charles Syverson (living)1
Stephen Syverson (living)1
Carol Syverson (living)1
Sonja Syverson (living)1


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