Ogorje 26th of May 1947

Dear daughter in law
I can tell you that we are all well and I hope and pray to God that this few words will find you in good health. Now I can tell you that I received your letter which you wrote on 23 of March and I received it on 15 of May which means that it traveled for 47 days and you receive my letter in 10 days. Now what you write about shoes, they were to small for me so I gave them to Marta and her name was on the package and I will not ask her about the shoes when I gave them to her. I also gave something to Jandra from the package, her name was on it, half of it as I wrote to you in the letter. I cannot ask for something back I would not ask a neighbor to give something back that gave to him. The coat is too small but it is perfect for my Ante which is the same age as Jakov. Now what you write about the clothes we like it and we need it we have kids from to 2 to 17 years old, and they are big little Ivan has 30 moths and is 96 centimeters long. Donít look at the size because when something is big we use it to make something else for female children. So if you can send something please even if it is old because I know how hard is to earn money and how it is hard to save up, it is always enough just for every day life so it is important to stay healthy. Dear daughter in law if it wasnít for this war we would not ask for anything. Now what you write that if I need sugar and coffee you will send it to me, you donít have to send it we can get every month from our community.
Now what you ask about my children, Mate and Grga are in the army, but they are not on Vis (island) but in Kasteli in school for officers. Jakov was released from the army and he is in Banat he is a baker. Now my dear daughter in law you asked if I ma sad that you are writing letters, but I am not because I can see that you love my brother and his family, say hi to your mother and father and your sisters and their families I donít know their names. Now receive a greeting from Marta, Jandra and Cvita and their families. Now receive a greeting you Jakov and your children from me your brother Radja Jozo
What you write about the church we donít have a priest

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