Ogroje 12 of Novemeber 1972.

Dear brother and daughter in law!
I am applogising for not writing sooner, but I cannot write anymore, and sons are too busy. Today me and Ivan caught some time to write few words. We are thank God as usual, and all other children are well, only Mate hurts from time to time.
We are glad that your trip went well and that you found everything in place, and we are glad that we made good impression on you, everybody in his way, so you have something to remember us by. Dear brother in law (brides man – djever in Croatian) I have no words to thank you for the refrigerator, first as a sign of care and second I don't live a piece of meat at somebody’s else house. Concerning the work we did everything, picked the corn, chopped the wood, sowed the wheat, and Ivan even went to Neovic near Muc to by grapes. We prepared everything for the winter, God give health and happiness.
I don't have anything more to write about so receive greetings from the two of us.
Bog write. Greetings to the kids,

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