Ogorje 16 0f June 1923.

Dear brother,
I can tell you that we are well thank God and wish the same for you. Now my dear brother I am worried what is with you because you are not writing, it has been 5 months that I havenít received a letter from you. Because of that, I am thinking a lot and I am sad, but Mother is worried even more. She is saying nothing but that you are not alive, that's why my dear brother write if not because of the family but because of mother. Now my dear brother what to write, there is nothing new here and this year is bad.
It is worse than last year but I did cover the house. Mother is saying prayers for you and she is greeting you and Nikola and saying that you should write what is with you, are you sick or you don't have money and you are mad but you don't have to be. Now what to write that what you send to mother, 25 dollars I cashed it before Carnival (month before Easter) then I received your letter and apology and then I wrote you back and I ask you to write back when you receive this letter. Now receive a greeting from me and our family, you and Nikola.
Goodbye your brother to the grave Josip
And greet K(R)aljanina and his wife and everybody else from here

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