Ogorje 1st of September 1947.

Dear daughter in law.
I can write to you that we are all well thank God, I wish that you also have good health. I can now let you know that I received your letter and understood everything that you wrote, that Jakov passed the exam with very good (B in American system) and I am glad for that. Now what you write to write to you when I receive the goods, I received three packages and everything was in place, as the threads and all other stuff and thank you a lot for remembering us but we have to apologize for being pushy but the circumstances are bad and I know that it is not easy for you. (Page 1)

Because those that live from the paycheck and wages have hard time to get the goods and food and all the rest even if he is young and if somebody is as my brother Jakov he works now 26 years (or he is 26 years the sentence is a bit unclear)
Now to write to you about me I received all three packages in eight days and I divided it to four equal parts even thread and buttons and needles and thimbles, everybody got one towel and Jandra got some clothes for the kids.
Now my dear daughter in law Iva the daughter of our sister Jandra died, she was married to Ivan Glekadujino (unclear Ė maybe you will know better the last name) Petrovica, now my dear daughter in law we were glad when we received your pictures and when I saw my brother Jakov and if he looks as he does on this picture than he looks younger than me. (Page 2)

So he looks like he hadn't aged a lot. Now my dear daughter in law we are glad me and my sisters with your gifts that you sent to us and remember us with the letter and we will be satisfied because it is not possible for you to provide for us from America and I think it will be possible to earn more money when our factories start to work and when our country is rebuild because it was devastated a lot.
Now my dear brother and daughter in law I donít have anything more to write about, only write back because what I want is not possible and that is to see you again, then let us write to each other. (Page 3)

Now I will finish this and receive greetings from me and all the sisters and all family to you and your children. Greeting from small Ivan who is very satisfied with the car and a crow as we call it here (I donít know what is he talking about)
Now my dear daughter in law everything is good.
By your brother in law and uncle Josip (page 4)

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