Ogorje 23rd of April 1947.

Dear brother and daughter in law!
I can tell you that we are all alive and well and I wish from my heart and from God that it will be like that with you. Now I can tell you that I received your letter and picture of Jakov, which we all kissed, and the dollar was also in the letter.
Now my dear daughter in law you write that you sent packages three of them and all three were whole as I wrote to you. I sent the letter by plane I don't know if you will get it, in the packages was everything that I thought it would, and as one of the names on the package was of Jandra I shared with her that what was in the packages.
To Marta I gave those shoes, to Evita I gave that rubber one, that is how I divided and everybody is satisfied. Now my dear daughter in law as you wrote that if we like the goods that you sent you would send more because now in the countryside people wear every kind of clothes (page 1) it depends what they have. We would like and we need because here this is something that is needed. And we were robed by Cetniks you remember when they took jorgan I think that is something people used to cover the bed.
Now you write and ask about Iva, she married a man from Pribude, Jakov knows where Pribude are, her husband is Jakov Delic. But now they are in Vojvodina in Backa near Sombor, she moved there 14 months ago because everything she had here was burned and taken and cattle chased away, nothing was left. She has three kids all daughters Joza, Marija and Cvita.
Now what you asked about children from Jandra's son, they have two, son Nikola who has 30 months and daughter Marija who is almost 4 and they are all well. (Page 2)

Now you ask about Cvita's husband, nobody heard anything about him since he joined people army four years ago. She is well (Cvita), Marta is also well and her husband Ivan, her grandson Ante got married, son of her daughter Marija, one of her sons was killed during the German attack he was a small child so he didn't know how to hide.
Now you write about Jure, they are well, only one of their sons was killed and other Ante is alive and well and he is in Zagreb. Ivan is in Split he is also well and he has one daughter she is in Zagreb and she is learning to become engineer. Uncle Marjan is dead for six years.
Now you write that Jakov is going to school and I am glad to hear that but I don't what is a chemist. What you write about Mate he is in the army and Grga also, Jakov was released but he didn't come home (page 3) because he went to the artisan (baker) that taught him to pass the final exam and become a baker. I am sending you his picture, he was born in 1924 and I am sending you a picture of Ante who lives with me he was born on 30th of March 1930., he is the same age as your Jakov and there is a picture of my wife your daughter in law, I would send mine but I don't have it now.
Winter was very cold and snow lasted until March, than rain started and it continued until April, now it is so dry that you can't cultivate the land for corn. Nothing else is new here is the address of Iva

Delic Iva Stanisic
u. Santica 116
Kotar Sombor Backa

Now receive greetings from all of us, daughter in law and aunt and Jakov and uncle. We all love you and Marta, Jandra, Evita also send greetings. By your brother in law and uncle Rada Joza I want an answer.

Written separately Don't look at handwriting I don't know to write well

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