Ogorje 13th of September 1925.

Dear brother,
I can tell you that we are well thank God and we wish you the same, that God gives you good health. Now I can tell you that I received your letter after 8 months. I received the money that you sent, 31 dollars for that I received 1733 dinars. Now what you write to me to go to Sinj (town) and pay for one singing mass (page 1) in front of the picture of Holy Mary. Dear brother I will do that if God gives good health do not be afraid. Now what you write about Mate what is with him, he came home (I think Mate is the one who was working as a police officer in Bosnia mentioned in one of the last letters or it is a mistake) he received a pension 500 dinars a month and thank God he is in good health. Now what you write to me how much grain I had, wheat around 3 kvarte (a measure not used today) and wheat is expensive and barley I had around 1 kvarat, how much corn I will have I donít know but I think around 5 kvarat and that is all. Now what you write about the house and if I have put a roof over it, I did but I do not keep anything there only Mate sleeps there. What else to write about, nothing new here, and what you write about the price of wheat and other things, hundred kilos (I think) of wheat is around 1500 kruna and corn for now 900 kruna (page 3), kilo of salt is 14 krunas and liter of Oil is 80, kilo of sugar 70. Kilo of coffee is 200 krunas and liter of petrol (for lamps) 40, kilo of rise is 40, kilo of beans 12, cattle for the field work is from 12 to 13 000 kruna and good tup is 900 krunas up to 1000. Now receive greetings from all of us, your sisters and their husbands, aunt and her family. Now my dear brother please write to me every month your brother Josip.

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Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A

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