Ogorje 28 of December 1923

Dear brother,

I can tell you that we are well thank god and I wish the same for you. Now my dear brother I can tell you that I received your letter and a check for $30 but I didn't collect the money yet I will when I go to Split. Than I will write to you again, and I received two of your letters, what were you saying in letters from 18th of November and from 21st of November, I received it the same day (the last word is not visible the letter is destroyed here). Now what you write that you are not receiving my letter and that is strange because I write two letters for one of yours. And what you write that you sent 1000 dinars to mother that was before St. Jacob, then Filip wrote one from Split and I wrote to few days later when I came home. Than I wrote that we split then you sent again $20 and I did wrote to you when I received the check and then I wrote to you when I cashed it, she gave me 6060 kruna or 1650 dinars. Now what you write about Mate he wrote to me few times and he writes that he didn't receive any letter from you. Now what you write to tell you what I have (treasure – cattle) I have 2 bulls and a donkey, 25 sheep’s. Harvest was bad, I had only 24 kvarte (measure – I don't know the translation, I think it was very small amount). What you write to me about the house I have a half of the new one nothing else and I can't stay there alone, what of land I have is a small. What you write about the store in Split I am not working because during the winter fireplace is cold and I can't stop. Now my dear brother do not take this as an insult and do not get angry for what I am write about, I know that it has not been long since you left and that you don't have a lot of money and you have been sending wonders to us, but it is important that you think about it Jalin Karan told me that he will sell me that part of the land inside our land and if you want to by it this would be the best time for it, write to me. They haven't taken anybody for army from our village this year, last year they took everybody. Nothing else new it is dry weather for ten days, full of snow (it seems like this letter is not finished or the last part is missing because this sentence is not finished and there is no signature as on every other letter)

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