Ogorje 13 of February 1931.

Dear brother and sister in law!
First I can tell you that we are well thank God and we wish you the same, good health and happiness.
We are sending you our photographs, but donít mind that they are not pretty and new. When we took that picture w e didnít know how to use camera and the weather was not good. And our photographer didnít develop it good. If you donít like it I will take the film back to the photographer and try to develop it one more time. Picture number 1 only mother, 2 me and brother, 3 me, brother and mother and sister Jandra, 4 sister in law and Ante, in front of them Iva and Jakov then me, in front of me is Mate, in the middle is mother, brother Josip, in front of him Grgo, beside him sister Jandra, in front of her son Ivan, then daughter Fera, and all children which are on the photo number four. Marta and Cvita are not on the picture because they could not come. On the sixth picture is the house, it is not a good picture.
I met Granic and say hi to him for you and he sends his regards to you. Jerko and his wife are no longer together and they split up. He divided his property with Zarko, Mate and he is in Split now. Winter is very nice this year.
Dear brother and sister in law please write as soon as you can. Write how you live, do you have work. You live in a foreign world and we want to know about your life. It is hard to live in a foreign country without money and nobody to help you.
Receive greetings all of you from your mother, brothers, brothers in law, uncles, sisters and the rest of the family.
Love your mother Iva Radja

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