Ogorje 16th of November 1947

Dear brother and daughter in law
I can tell you that we are all well and I hope and pray to God that this few words will find you in good health. Now I can tell you that all your sisters are alive and well and son in law Ivan and Jandraís children. My sons Mate and Grga are in the army and Jakov has come home. Now my dear daughter in law you didnít answer on my last letter if you didnít receive it here is another one. I received those packages you sent, everything was alright with them, and I divided it as you wrote. Nothing new here, write to me if you have visited your son Jakov and how he lives. Now receive a greeting from my family and me and from your sisters. Bye your brother and uncle Jozo.

Now my dear brother and daughter in law I have to ask you something, one young man from here is very sick, something with his lungs, he needs a medicine which cannot be bought here in Yugoslavia, the medicine is STREPTOMICIN. He is the only son of a good friend of Jozo Eleza B(R)anica, Jakov knows Jozo, that is why I am asking you to buy this medicine. He is now in a hospital in Split and one young man who is also there has the same problem and he has an uncle in America who sent this medicine to him and he is feeling better and the doctor said that if he can he should by it, write to me about the price and send it as soon as possible so I can give it to them. Again bye Radja Jozo

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Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A

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