Mostar 9 of February 1949.

Dear Dragica,
Yesterday I wrote a letter to aunt Ivanica and today I am writing to you and to Zorka. I received a package from aunt Ivanica and Zorka and thanked them for their gifts. I pray to God for all of you because you helped me a lot. Even now I donít what I would do, how would I dress my kids. And they are now in school and they have to look dissent. Everybody says how nice they are dressed. How are you and how is your husband, children? How is school? My girls are great they all received special award in their schools fro their achievement. I like James very much, and I am showing his picture to everybody. But they like also Dolores and Dana and little Thomas. I received photos from Zorka, she is beautiful as are her girls and her son. We received a photo from aunt Ivanica, she and uncle Andrija look good. I have sent a photo of me and my husband taken about one year after our wedding. We went to the photographer and took a new picture and as soon they will be done I will send it to everybody. Dear Dragica, I am sending you photos of my husband working, the second one is while he was working near Sarajevo.
Greetings to everybody, your husband, children, from all of us. My mom says hi. Greetings to aunt Ivanica, uncle Andrija, aunt Antonjela, uncle Petar, Marica and her family, Eduardo and his misses. I would love to get their photo.
Love your Anka

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Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A

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