Mostar 8 of December 1948.

Dear Dragica,
Four days ago I received a letter from aunt Ivanica and I was very happy to hear that you are all well thank God. We are also well thank God and everything else is as God gives us. As you can see we are still in Mostar because we still didnít get the apartment in Sarajevo. This situation is not good because my husband misses us as we miss him. My children are doing well in school and I am happy for it. Aunt Ivanica wrote about your James how grown up and nice he is. I am very happy to hear that and I can imagine how happy you are and your husband. May God give you good health and everything you wish. How are Dolores and Dana, and small Thomas?
Aunt Ivanica wrote that she sent me a package together with Zorka. My dear Dragica I donít know the way to thank them and I pray to God for everybody there, because you helped me a lot. Dear Dragica I have to ask you something and please donít be mad at me. Please, send some elastic band and me if you can some thread, because I have to use the thread from old socks to fix something else. And if you can get it a needle for the sowing machine, you cannot get it here. If there will be a chance to pay you back I will. As Christmas is near we wish you all the best, good health and happiness. Greetings from all of us here. Say hi to aunt Ivanica, Andrija, Zorka, Marica and Eduard.

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Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A

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