Mostar 14 of June 1948.

Dear Dragica,
First let me ask you how are you and how is your family. We are well thank God. I didnít get a letter from you and you are not busy as I am and still I write more. Not long ago I received a letter from Korka (I am not sure about this name) and in it was a photo of her daughters. They are very beautiful and grown up. She is already a grandmother. When will we marry our daughters, you also have two sons and I only have daughters. But thank God may they be healthy because without children there is no marriage. How is your James. I am sure that summer brake will start soon and he will be home with you. I can imagine how much you miss him, you have wonderful children. I look at your photo often. My girls are always saying what we would do if Dolores and Dona lived near. Summer brake is on they finished second grade with grade A and they got each a book. They work very hard and they are excellent students. Little Visnjica is only in the second grade of elementary school and she is also very good.
Dear Dragica, please give the other letter from this envelope to aunt Ivanica. I havenít received any letter from her for a while now. I donít know if she received last letter I sent or maybe I put the wrong address. That is why I am asking you to send me her address again. Two months ago I received a letter from aunt Antonjela that was returned. I donít know why, I spelled the address correctly and I havenít received a letter from her for 8 months. Say hi to her and tell her I wrote 4 letters for her but I received no answer and the last letter came back. Vinko is saying hi to all of you and that he is sorry that you didnít write to him, he is expecting your letter. Greetings from my mother, to you and your family. We send you greetings with a kiss.
Your Anka
Write to me. I am very happy when I receive your letter.

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Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A

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