Mostar 25 of August 1947.

Dear Dragica,
I have received your letter just today and I am writing back. We are thank God all well, I cannot say that for my mom because she is always feeling consequences of getting shot. We are happy to hear that you all well and we want to thank you for the package. Dear Dragica, you wrote to me that I should not feel offended because the goods you sent are not new. My dear Dragica I donít know the way to thank you enough, we are all here naked and with bare feet and everything is useful and I cannot wait to get the package. My daughters are always looking forward to this because they know they will get dresses. My dear Dragica I used to have a lot and have given always almost new stuff, but now we donít have anything, war destroyed us, but thank God we are healthy. I have rheumatism, so my hands hurt, especially left, and I have to do everything alone. I am not used to hard labor and I have never worked this hard, because as I wrote to you I have finished school to be a teacher and my husband is an engineer, and I never had to work. As soon as got married my husband said that I should stop working and in a house I am always a maid. But today I have to do everything and there are seven of us in the house so you can imagine how hard it is. The paycheck is small and life is hard because everything is expensive. We have been in Split for couple of days to see what is with a house and kids took a swim, and I sunbathe. We saw Vinko, his wife and daughter. He says hi, I gave him your address and he said he would write to you. How are your kids? Did the school start? My girls will start school soon and then it will be harder for me, but they do help me a lot. My husband wrote to us and said that he will come to Mostar then we will take a family photo send I will send it to you. I have received a package from aunt Antonjela and I was very happy. Inside were very nice things, everyday I pray for her and her husband. It started to rain here so it is colder, autumn is near. I will write to aunt Ivanica now. I would like to see you and I ask God if this will ever happen or we are going to exchange only letters. Write to me because I am very happy when I receive your letter because it looks like I am talking to you. Aunt Antonjela wrote about family Leskurov, but I donít remember them maybe they went to school with me, but I forgot. Say hi to your sisters, to your mom and dad, aunt Antonjela and uncle Petar. Greetings to your family from all of us here, especially me.
Your Anka.

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