Mostar 8 of December 1947.

Dear Dragica,

We are all thank God well, how are you and your husband, and your children. Couple of days ago we received your package and the next day your letter. My dear Dragica I have to thank you first for everything. I cannot describe to you how happy the kids were and how happy I was, when we saw what is all inside this package. Because everything for us is a lot since we cannot get this stuff here. Dresses are a little big but I know how to sow so it is not a problem. I was very happy when I saw blouse from fur that aunt Ivanici sent me. Thank you from the heart and I donít know how to thank you, I will pray for all of you.
I am very happy to hear that your James is good in school, I know how important is that for you and your husband, because it is also important for me. My girls asked if Dolores and Donna could write to them if they know our language. Vinko wrote to me and he said that he didnít receive a letter from you and he sends greetings to you.
My dear Dragica I told my neighbor the address that you sent and she said that is her father. She is in my apartment and she has two daughters, because they took one of my rooms and a kitchen and that is why we are all together. We still didnít get the apartment in Sarajevo and believe me I am sick of this. My husband comes once in a month to see us. Children miss him and he misses them. My mom is saying hi to you, your husband, your kids and aunt Ivanica. We talk about you often. Christmas is here and we all wish you happy Christmas and may you spend this holiday in health and happiness and may God bless you. Say hi to your mom, aunt Ivanica and Antonjela, Zorko, Marica and Eduardo and to Anka when you will write to her. I wonder why aunt Antonjela is not writing and she wrote three letters. Say hi to her and will write to her again today.
Now greetings to everybody.
Your Anka
God will we ever see each other.

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