Mostar 14 of June 1947.

Dear Dragica,
After long time I have received your letter and I was very happy about it. I was happy to hear that you are alive and well thank God. We are thank God well, but I was sick for a while, something with the vein, but now I am ok. The letter from your aunt Antonjeta and yours I got while I was in bed. I have received a photo of your son, very nice boy. My girls are saying that he is very cute. School is over for the summer, they are now in the second grade of high school (how do you call higher school there?) and they are very good students. The oldest is 12 and her name is Jelica and younger is 11 Nevenka, next is Visnjica she is 6 and the youngest is Jagoda she is 4. They are all very nice especially Visnjica, everybody calls her a little doll. We will go to the photographer to take a photo of us as soon as I will be well. I would like to see all of you, but that is impossible because you will not come here and we will not go there. How is aunt Ivanica and uncle Andrija. My girls are saying that they would like to see a photo of your girls, and they would like to receive a letter from them. Today I wrote a letter to aunt Antonjela and I would write to aunt Ivanica but I donít have her address. I wrote a letter to Vinko and sent him your address and the address of aunt Antonjela and he said that he would write to you. My oldest girls received their Communion, the younger ones are not going to school.
Say hi to Zorko, Marica, Anka and Eduardo.
The weather is hot here, few days ago it hailed and the crops were destroyed. Now we donít have a lot of vegetables and fruits and we were looking forward to it. Because for the last six months we are eating only corn. But the important thing is that we are well and we can eat. My husband was here for two days but than he had to go and my mom, this is not good living separately. I canít wait for us to get an apartment in Sarajevo because he loves the children and misses them. Say hi to your mom and dad and also to your husband and children.
Your Anka.
Write to me I will be very happy.
Anka Zuljic
Drapsinova b.b.
Mostar Yugoslavia

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