Split 27 of December 1972.

Dear daughter in law, Jakov and the rest!
After you left Split we received a postcard from you, thank you for remembering us and good wishes.
That day when you left Split and when the plane lifted up, I felt something bad, sad departure like we are not going to see each other again. Thinking about you two I said to me: please God be good to them, may they get home in good health to their children and grandchildren. This trip is not that long but it is exhausting and risky, isn’t it?
When we received your postcard we knew that everything went well. I can tell you that everybody that met you think that you are very nice. I have to tell you that I imagined you differently before I met you even though Jakov and I grew up together. But we didn’t see each other for a long time.
Couple of days ago I went to Ogorje and I went to see Jozo and Marija. They are well in good health. Flu season is in the village, but they are not sick and I hope it will avoid them. From the four of us only Jasenka had the flu. In Split it has only started, what is going to happen we will see. Do you have flu season in Chicago? If there is please be careful, and you will do that by avoiding contacts with other people. You should avoid theaters, big gatherings, you can have consequences like pneumonia – in Ogorje it is called “punta” Jakov should understand.
This year as usual Jasenka wrote Christmas cards and I asked her has she written one for aunt and uncle in America, and she said she did. I believe you got it already.
I wish you all the best in the New Year 1973. to you and your children and grandchildren.
Cousin: Ante

P.S. All kids from Jozo who are in Split are well

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