Split 15 of December

My dear aunt and uncle!
Let me write you few words to answer your letter, which we received couple of days ago and were very happy to receive it as we were very worried about you. We are glad to hear that you are well. We are well and mother is not that good. Ante is well as is Ivan. His family is bigger now they have a new member, a son Mate. He is 7 months old. My Ankica gave birth to a son, Goran. You asked about Jandra, she is still in Poland. Mate is also well, his daughters are still in school. Damir son of late Marta is working. Son of the late Grga is working on a ship. My dear aunt and uncle you wrote that your granddaughter is in Zagreb in college. Why didnít you say that earlier, Jandraís Mate lived in Zagreb so he could have meet with her. Send us her address and send her ours. This is Jandraís phone number 555-439. As for the young one we will find out about the ships arrival. We would be very happy to meet him. My dear aunt do this as soon as possible we were very sad when your granddaughter was in Split and she didnít visit us or she didnít have the address. You wrote that she is studying languages, does she speaks our language. You asked about the family of Ana P. they are in Split, their daughter got married and son also. I will not prolong this letter but write soon and I wish you good health and happiness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Greetings from your Pera, Stipe, Ankica and her family, Ivan, Iva and kids, Jandra, Mate and his family.
Love Pera!

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Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A

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