Split 24 of January

My dear aunt and uncle!

I can tell you that I have received your letter and I understood everything. You said that you are well and I was glad to hear that because we were worried about you and when we heard that you are well we were very happy. Let me tell you about us, we are well thank God. Dear aunt you said that your daughter would visit Yugoslavia that is very happy news. We are very excited you just have to let us know when they are coming to wait for them at the airport. My dear aunt and uncle we received a greeting card from Jonas and a picture of his family. We are so happy to see that they remember us. We received also a greeting card and some coffee from Carolyn. My dear aunt we are so happy to read her letter tell her to teach her mother at least something so we can understand each other. We are very proud of our little Carol. Now let me write about our family because you asked about them. My Ankica and her family is well, so are Ivan, Iva and kids, Ante and his family also. His (I donít know the relation) Marija is living next to us, her last name is Vujcic. Her husband is from Sinj. Our Jandra is in Poland, her daughter Zeljka got married and she has a daughter. Our Jakov is still in Solin, both of his daughter got married, the older has two sons. Sister Iva still lives in Stanisica, her son has two kids. He finished school for an engineer. Sister Jela is still in Rijeka, her sons are working, and the oldest is on the ship. Son of the late Grga is at home. His mother got married again and is again a widow. Our Mate got an apartment, his kids are still in school. Son of late Marta is working and he is well. That is all for now my dear aunt. Write soon so we can read how are you. Love your Pera and the rest of the family. Bye!

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Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A

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