Split 5 of October 1985.
My dear aunt and uncle. I want to answer to your letter that I received couple of days ago. I expected that letter with love to hear what is with you, if you are well. I am very glad to hear that you are alive. My dear aunt and uncle, let me write how are we all well and so is the rest of the family. What are you writing about how old is Tatjana wife of Ante, she is 26. What are you writing about that your son Jonas will come to Yugoslavia. My dear aunt we would like for him to come today because you are our closest family. My dears try to persuade them to come, when I told my family that Jonas is planning to come everybody was so happy. Write about how is little Carolyn, did she forget our language. We would like for them to learn more about our language. She wrote a letter and we understood everything. My dear aunt and uncle I will not prolong this letter any more, I would just ask you to write how are you, I like a kid from Jonas she is a big girl. Say hello to all your family and receive greetings from all of us, Ante and his family, Ivan and his family, Jakov and his family, Jandra. She was here for 15 days and than she returned to Poland where she will stay for a year. My dear aunt and uncle receive greetings from your Pera, Stipe, Ankice and her family. We are asking you again to persuade your kids to come here. Here is our telephone number 517-836 Stipe Delic
Bye your Pera!

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