Ogorje 14 of October 1951.

My dear aunt!
I want to write few words, I can tell you that we are well and I wish for you the same good health. I will write about how we live, for now we are well because nobody is sick. Let me write now about the food, we are ok this year we managed to earn some money. It is hard to get goods, as everything is very expensive so I would like to ask you to send us something, at least something from your children old clothes. I would not write if I had the money to buy 1m of good warm material is 10,000 dinars. Try to buy something, so that is why I am asking you to send something. I got married couple of days ago and my husband is in Split, he is looking for an apartment. When he finds it then I will go to Split. He is walking now but few days ago he was in a hospital he had two ulcers on his stomach. The hospital bills are big, so my dear aunt I would not look what it is and if you have to send it to me. I will not prolong this any more receive greetings from your Perica. Just do that for me dear aunt.
Greetings and write soon!

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Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A

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