Ogorje 5th of August

Dear uncle and aunt!
Let me write down few words after the year passed since our meeting. Now let me write about how we are, thank God we are all well and so are our parents, brothers and sisters. My dear aunt and uncle maybe you will think that I forgot about you because I am not writing. I did not forget about you and I cannot forget about you because I carry you in my heart. And ever since I came home for holidays how happy we were last year when we saw you. It is just that I donít have time to write to you because I am busy with my work. Now when Iím at my parents house I have some time to sit down and write few words together with our parents. I came here with my children three weeks ago and will stay for few more days. I wish for you to send me letters to Rijeka so I can know how are you, are you well and how are your kids. My dear aunt and uncle my sister in law and Ante told me you wrote that you are well and that you will go visit your son James, and we were very glad to hear that. We think that is far away from your house and we hope that God will give you good health and you will visit us again next year. I will finish now my letter, receive greetings from me and my family. I wish all the best for your family and that you come back here because everybody here wishes that. My dear aunt and uncle do not be offended because this letter is short, when I receive your letter I will write more. Now bye Jela.

This is a letter from mother:

My dear brother in law let me write you few words. We are not well as last year when you were here. Do not be offended because you didnít receive our letter, I cannot write and Jozoís hands are shaking so he cannot write and we wanted to write the letter by ourselves. Now let me tell you that our kids are well and they often come to help. Ante, Pera, Stipe and Ivan came during the harvest and they took care of everything. I have to thank you for your gifts, I didnít think that it will be that valuable to me, I think about you every time I enter the house. I wish that we stay well and see each other again. I wish that that you could come with your children and if itís not possible for all of you to come then just Thomas who wants to come and your daughter Dolores. Now let me write you about us there is not much to write about, write to us how are you and your kids. Ante told us how you wrote that you will visit your James and we are glad. We hope you will write about that and how is he and his family. For now I will finish this letter receive greetings from us and our kids and answer soon.
Bye your brother and sister in law

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