Vis 11th of January 1930.

My dear cousin Dragica I have to let you know that I received your letter and I understood everything you wrote. I am very glad that you remember me and that you are writing, I am just sorry that your mother didnít write. What are you writing and asking me to write about how I live. I had four daughters but they all died during the war and the wife too. Then I got married again after the war, but with this wife, I donít have any children. She was sick last year, this year also, she was in Zagreb for two months in a hospital, she is sick all the time, and because of that, I have some debts. And the problem is that you cannot get anything anywhere, if you have little wine, you cannot sell it. Write how your mother, father and brother are living. Write how old is your brother and how many sisters you have, I know you and Zorka but nobody else. For now nothing else, I will send season greetings for last Christmas and New Year to you and your husband. May God give you health and happiness, long life. Receive greetings you and your husband and say hi to your mother, father and brother, your uncle Prkich Filip

I am waiting for an answer, and I have received your wedding photograph and it is nice to see you, like a northern star. And I am like a slave I didnít have any bread for Christmas in a house.

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