Kastel Sucurac 27 of August 1958.

My dear sister Ivanica!
First, my dear sister let me ask you how are you and your children. We are the same. Now my dear sister let me tell you that I have received both packages from you and everything was all right with them. We were very happy, we thank you for everything, may God give you health, happiness and blessing, and may you live for many years to come in good health and happiness. Also we also wish all the best to your son, his wife and their children may happiness follow them. Dear sister I am glad for the prayer book and a cross, I will remember you in my prayers and may God return everything in his grace for me.
Dear sister as I hear Koljanin will come to America again at the end of September in 198. I donít know what are his reasons but he is older and the question is how is he going to survive the trip. I wish him safe trip, may he travel comfortably, and may he find good fortune.
What are you writing about brother Filip, he is thank God still alive and well.
Koljanin will tell you in details about how life is here and what is new. If only I was so lucky to see you, so we can hug each other, talk and laugh that would be the greatest thing for me but it is not possible my dear sister since we are far apart. And we are old and the trip is too long. If you were younger you could come and my wish would be granted, but it is not possible. But we are thinking about each other and praying for one another. Now at the end, receive greetings from my family especially from me. Love your brother Jozo

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