Ogorje 26 of March 1939.
Dear sister in law and dear brother!
Let me write you a letter after two years, I have to apologize for not writing for so long but I will explain, but it does not defend me and my laziness. Dear sister in law you wrote in the first letter to send you the Bible (new and old testament). I have searched for it in Split, Zagreb and Sarajevo but I didnít find it. I have asked the priest for help, but they said I could not get in Croatian language only in Latin. I can only get small booklets of new and Old Testament of 80 to 100 pages that school kids get. If you want it, I can send it. We are all in good health thank God. Jakov and Grga finished school, Ante is still in school. Mate is in Split learning to be a baker. Iva, Marta, Pera, Jandra and Jela are still to small to go to school. Sister Jandra her son Ivan and daughter Iva are well. Marta, her husband Ivan and daughter Marija are also well. Cvita and her husband Andrija are well, Jure and Filip divided eight months ago. Ivan is in Split, Ante did not get married and he is now in Dubrovnik in officer school. Their sisters Marija, Marta, Pera and Cvita are well. Iva and Andelija died, Marjan Durut is still alive but he is blind and deaf. Jure Malenica our cousin is weak, he has a lot of family but small number of older. Simun is well as he has small family. Sons of late Petar are well, cousin of Zora Simun, Jako and Jure are at home. Jako got married in 1938, he took a daughter of Ivan Hadzak from Pribude. Ante, Frano and Ivan are in South America in Argentina. I received both your letters, first on 21 of January in 1938 and second one on third of February 1939. I understood everything you wrote. I beg you one more time to forgive me for my laziness, I hope you are not going to be offended and that you will answer back when you receive this letter. Now receive greetings all of you and say hi to cousin Nikola and his wife and everybody else who is related to you and us, as everybody we know. Bye your brother and uncle Mate

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