30 of August in Ogorje
Dear daughter in law!
First, I can tell you that we are all in good health thank God and we wish you the same good health and happiness. I received your letter and with it, three photographs of my grandson, which made me very happy. And I received one dollar and I thank you for it but I am not in a need for gifts, because I know that you need now more for living, we read your letters and newspapers that the paychecks there are not big and that there is over five million unemployed. This year was bad, dry; there is no rain for three months. There is no corn, potatoes and vegetables, no wheat. Grapes were good, but the wine is cheap, two dinars one liter so you cannot sell it.
Jerko didnít make up with his wife, she is still in the house of Mate Zarko on Vrba, and Jerko is in Split. I heard that his son left him. Now my dear daughter in law receive a warm greeting from your mother and from the rest of the family. Me your never forgotten mother Ivka Radja

Dear sister in law and dear brother, write more so we can know how you live. As we cannot see each other, at least we can write and talk. Say hi to my little nephew, I wish I could see him. Me your never forgotten brother and uncle Mate Radja

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Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A

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