Ogorje 26 of November 1930.
Dear daughter in law and dear son!
First, I can tell you that we are all well and we wish you the same from the bottom of our heart good health and happiness. Dear daughter in law I have received your gift and 10 dollars you sent by Jerko. I am grateful for your gift and receive greetings from your never forgotten mother. Greeting and a kiss! Iva

Dear brother and dear sister in law!
I can tell you that I received your letters and a camera and I understood everything you wrote. I donít know how to this camera works, I showed it to a painter (direct translation Ė probably photo shop) but he also could not explain it to me how it works. He said he doesnít know how this camera functions. I said to everybody that we would take photographs if itís going to be possible. If not we will take it to Split that is nearest photo shop. If you donít receive photos soon donít loose hope I will do it. Now my dear sister in law you asked about the harvest, wheat was week. Our family: brother Josip, his wife Marija, son Mate, Jakov, Grga, Ante, sister Jandra, her husband Nikola, their children daughters Pera, Iva and son Ivan, sister Marta, her husband Ivan, children Marija, Iva, Kata, sister Cvita and her husband Andrija. You wrote about Ivan Granic if he comes to our house, he never did but I do see him in Muc, since I received the letter I didnít see him. Dear brother write soon and tell me did you start working, how do you live, did you pay off the house, say hi to cousin Nikola and our new family.
Dear brother, sister in law and nephew greetings from all of us here.
Mate Radja

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