Ogorje Donje 1st of May 1930.
Dear brother and sister in law!
First, I can tell you that everybody except me is well thank God. I was sick not eight weeks ago, I had pneumonia, but I am better now thank God. I received your letter and it made me very happy when I read it, your new baby, may he live long and make you pride. Dear sister in law I have to apologize for not sending photos, I couldnít because of my sickness. I am week even now and God knows when I will be healthy enough to take a photo. What are you writing about cousin Nikola and asking to send him seeds of tobacco. Granic from Muc told Josip he sent it to him, as I was sick and couldnít send it. If he didnít get it tell me and I will send it immediately. Now my dear brother and sister in law nothing new to write about so receive a special greeting from your brother and uncle. Then greetings from your mother and from everybody else, say hi to Nikola and everybody else we know, and that nice miss I saw on a photograph. Now again receive a greeting from your not forgotten M. Radja

Ante from uncle is now in South America, he wrote letters first month, and he also sent expenses for Frane and Ivan so they could travel there. I donít know if they will go, Fran said he would. The address of our Ante: Ante Radja, sergeant of 54th infantry in Split

What are you writing and asking if I still have a store, I have a permit but no material, what I had I sold it and payment is low so you cannot work here in our village.

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Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A

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