Ogorje 25 of August 1974

Dear brother and sister in law
I can tell you that we are as you left us and saw us when you were here. Now I will write to you what is new here, our nephew Ivan died son of our late sister Jandra. My family is thank God well they often come here and help me, sometimes I pay somebody to do something and I have a good life, we stored the wheat and now we have to store the corn. The wheat was not good and the corn is dry Ė the problem was dry weather. Dear brother and sister in law donít be offended because I didnít write sooner but I was expecting your letter. Now write to me about how are things there and how are your kids. (page 1)
Dear brother and sister in law donít be offended because I am not writing more but both of my hands are shaking and I cannot write. Now receive a greeting from me and Marija and all my children, and donít be offended because they are not writing to you that is not because they hate you they are just lazy. Say hi to all your family.
Bye, your brother and sister in law Jozo and Marija

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