29 of July 1974
Dear uncle and aunt
Let me write you something about us. We are thank God well, the whole family and our parents are both ill. Our mother had pneumonia whole winter, now she is feeling better and she gets up every day. Our dad is also sick he has water on his right side (I think lungs) one time they extracted it and he will have a check up after first of August. He is in bed all the time, he gets up occasionally. Dear uncle and aunt I am writing you this letter because my parents canít, I have some vacation time so I came here with my kids to help them.
We received your letter and the picture and we like it a lot and we are glad that you are all well. You asked about grandchildren, they are all well they go to school none has finished school yet. You asked about the corn and wheat, there is no rain and that is why we think there will not be a lot of corn, and that is the problem with wheat. Ante stayed for two days and he helped in the fields, now Ivan is here to help, he is now chopping some wood. Dear brother and sister in law (I think Jozo was dictating this part of the letter) you asked about the bus driving to Ogorje, it is driving every day and now they are putting asphalt on the road that goes through Bracevic to Gornje Bulice. If God will give us good health maybe, you will come and see it. You asked about Marija and Ante, Ante was sick but he is feeling better now, Marija is well and their kids also.
Dear uncle and aunt let me write to you about what is new here, Ivan bought a car and Pera that is why I donít take a bus anymore, Jandra and Mate moved to Split. Nothing else to write about receive a greeting from Marija and Ante and from my father, mother, Ivan, me and my kids and of course from the whole family. Say hi to all your kids their spouses and grandchildren.
Dear brother and sister in law just to show you that I am still alive but I could not write the whole letter. Receive a greeting from both of us your brother and sister in law Jozo and Marija

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