Ogorje 23rd of January 1974

Dear brother and sister in law
We received your card and a picture of your son, we are glad you sent it because we havenít seen him for a long time and we like it and we received a card from your Thomas but we canít read it, kids here go to school but they also canít read it. Now forgive me for not writing sooner but both of us were sick, we had a cold, now we are a little better. What you write and ask if we visit our family in Split, we do but they come and visit us more often, Ivan was here during Christmas and Jelo for New Year, they also visit during weekends, 29 days ago Mate his wife and their kids were here. We had a lot of ice then, we had a blizzard, a lot of snow after that, the weather was ok. This summer it was dry we had a lot of problems with water they had to bring it in storage tank. Nothing else new everybody is as when you left, including the two of us, Marija is still cooking. Now my dear brother and sister in law do you hope that we will se each other one more time. Dear brother you didnít have to spend all that money, buying gifts and food and lodging that was our responsibility you are not tourists (the rest of the letter is missing)

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Jim Radja
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