Ogorje 3rd of January 1973

Dear brother and sister in law
I can tell you that we are all well thank God and so are those that are in Split and the two of us are as you left us when we met in Split. We received your letter on Christmas. Our son Ivan came for Christmas and celebrated with us, and Ante was here during the New Year, he stayed for two days. The rest of our kids had to work and some of them were sick they had flu, many people have flu here. What is new here, Lovro Elis died if you remember him brother of Vinko and Iva Simakina died that is what is new. Now my dear brother and sister in law what you write that your whole family gathered I am glad for that, that is not possible for my family because some of them are dead, but God give good health to those who are alive. Greetings to all your family, may God give them happiness and good health and may they never forget you while you are alive. Greetings to Thomas and tell him that we received his card and I thank him for remembering us even though he never saw us.
Now my dear sister in law what you ask about us, Marija is cooking and you asked about her wishes, we are old and the situation is not good and it is a big expense for you and I wasn’t thinking about gifts (page 2) and nobody was expecting any gifts because our family is big and you are not a merchant who saves up a lot of money. I want to say this to you what my kids are saying, our uncle and aunt spend a lot of money and we are afraid they will not come anymore. You asked about the weather, winter was cold but no snow only some frost. Now receive a greeting from Jozo Pestica and Ante Vicirov, he is sick he has flu, also Ante Kapitanovic and Marija are saying hi and they are not all well. Receive a greeting from both of us your brother and sister in law Jozo and Marija.

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