Ogorje 8th of February 1965
Dear brother and sister in law
I can tell you that we are well and I wish you the same that this letter will find you in good health, you and your children. Now what you write that you had a surgery and that you are ok now, I didnít want to have surgery because I was afraid if it didnít work I would be worse, after 12 days I did urinate and 12 days later they removed the catheter and that is how I spent 24 days in a hospital.
Now what you write that your kids are well I am glad for that because when your kids are good you are happy, my kids are well also thank God. I have to apologize for not writing immediately I didnít because you said you will go to California. Now what you write about uncle Prkic, when I wrote to you that he is alive, he died shortly after that he was coming from the fields he was hit by a motorcycle and he died. Now what you ask if I know when was our father born and our mother, father was born in 1855 and he died in 1903, and mother was born in 1861 and she died in 1933. (page 1)
You wrote that your Thomas got married and that he sent us a card from the wedding, he did and thank him for it, may God give happiness and good health to both of them and a long life. I am sorry but I cannot read the card, he doesnít know Croatian and I donít know English. Now what you write and ask about Luka Zekic he died in 1945 when our brother Mate died, three sons of Vranic died, Ivan, Jure i Ante, Jaka is still alive. Son of Jakulja Ivan died and his brother Ante, Lovro is still alive, Ivan son of Maca died, Ante is alive. You asked about kids from Filip he has two sons and two daughters.
Now I donít have anything more to write about but I would be glad if you would come here so we can see each other after long time because the time will come when we will part forever. I received five dollars and I thank you for it and forgive me because I donít have anything to send to you. Now receive a greeting from me and my family and may God give you good health.
Bye, your brother and sister in law Jozo and Marija

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