Kastel sucurac 19 of April 1961

My dear sister and the rest of you there

I received your letter few days ago, which I expected because I havenít heard from you for a long time and I was worried. Before Easter I wrote you a letter with best wishes for Easter, I can see that in the meantime you wrote me this letter. I have received a check for 10 dollars in this letter. I changed the money at the Bank in Split and that same day I went to monastery of Holy Mother of Health in Split on Donro and paid there a mass for you and your family. I paid 1000 dinars for singing mass. Let God give you good health and happiness and may he bless you.

I am old sister but thank God, I am good, but I canít see well and as I can see from the letter, you have problems with your legs. My dear sister I wrote to you that I would go to Vis (an island) to visit our brother Filip. And I did. When I came there, I found him but he is sick he has stones in his bladder. I took him to a hospital in Split and the doctor recommended a surgery but as he already had one and he is 85 Filip decide not to have a surgery. He came to Kastel Sucurac then and stayed here for few days and than he left for home. I feel bad for him as you do but that is how life is.
My sister I am 87 and Filip is 85 and you are 89 years old that is old age. Few people live o see this age and we are lucky to live to it. Time is going round fast and death is somewhere near. Someone will go sooner someone later but everyone will get according to their life here on earth.
I am still working sometimes in the fields because I feel better when I am moving then when I am sitting. When an old man quits working his blood stops running and he dies.

When you receive this letter, write back my sister because I am always waiting for you letters.
We are all alive and well thank God and we wish you the same.
It has been dry here for a long time and that is not good for the harvest. Few days ago we had some rain and crops will recover so we will have something.
Dear sister greetings to everybody from us here, greetings from your brother Jozo

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