Kastel Sucurac 26 od December 1960

My dear sister Ivanica

First, let me tell you that I received your letter and I am happy to hear that you are well as is the rest of your family.
Dear sister let me tell you that I received in your letter a check for 20 dollars and I thank you sister for your care and love and that you remember me. This money will come in handy I will save some more and then I will buy a suit. I will not tell about this to anybody because than I would not be able to buy the suit. Thank you my dear sister and may God give you back!
Dear sister I wish you happy New Year 1961 and may it bring you all that you want.
Stay well and happy all together, you your daughters, their husbands and their kids, then your son his wife and their kids.
Your brother Jozo

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