Split 6 of April
My dear aunt and uncle! I am writing you for the second time I don't know if you received my letter that I wrote when our mother died. Let me write you about us, we are not well. Dear aunt you wrote that your grandson will come ship under the name Petrsin, he didn't come by only the ship Belknap. Ante and Ivan went there and asked if David Frost is on that ship but in the agency said that they don't have that name. Therefore, I ask you to write to us if he was there. Please write if his ship will ever come to Yugoslavia. Also, when you will write send me an address of little Kerry. Aunt please write about how are you, are you well I am dreaming about you last couple of days and that is why I am afraid something happened to you. . Dear aunt I will write no more, just that I am waiting for your answer. Receive greetings from the two of us and from Ivan, Ante and Bucevka and their family, then from our Ankica. Say hi to all your kids especially little Kerry.

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Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A

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