Stanisic 05/01/1951

My dear aunt I can tell you that we are all well thank God and we wish you the same. May God give you good health we wish that from our hearts.

I received your packages, first came on 4th of December 1950 and the last one on 4th of January 1951. My dear uncle and aunt I cannot thank you enough on your gift which saved my children this winter and it will help during the rest of the year. My dear aunt I am wondering why are you not writing to us.

Rest of the family is good, they are writing to us and they are all well. Brother Mate came to visit us and he sends his regards, as is the rest of our family. My dear aunt please write to us how are you, how is your family. And I have to ask you if you can send us some old clothes, anything is good when you donít have it. My dear aunt if you have any old underpants from uncle for my husband. Now my dear aunt and uncle please excuse me for asking that much but if you cannot send thank you, you already helped us a lot.

I donít know what to write about anymore so receive greetings from me, my husband, Jaza, Marija, Cvita and Ljubica. She is always talking about how her grandmother sent her a doll from America.
Thank you again for everything that you sent to us. Everybody is saying hi to you, uncle, Jakov and Dolores and to two that I donít know the name.

Bye aunt and please answer fast. Delic Iva

Dear aunt thank you for the earrings you sent greetings from me and answer fast your Pera Rada.

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