Ogorje 2/1/1930

Dear daughter in law, first I can tell you that we are all well thank God and we wish you the same. I received your letter and in it one dollar and I thank you for it. I was so happy when I received your letter I felt like I got millions of dollars.

My dear daughter in law you asked me to send you a photo of our family, that is not possible because I am old. I am now 69 years old and I canít leave the house and it is too expensive to call him to take a photo here in the house. We donít have a photo of Jakov when he was in the army.

My dear daughter in law I was so happy to hear that you bought a house with five rooms for 5.500.00 dollars. But I wonder about the price, it is too expensive you could by here a house with 50 rooms for that kind of money. Let me congratulate you and may it be a happy house.

When you are going to send a letter for me send it on Mateís address because postman will not leave the letter he has to give it to the person whose name is on the envelope. And I am not able to go to the post-office and there you have to write down a record about the letter too much work for the post office and me. Now receive greetings from me and a kiss, say hi to my new friends. Nothing else to write about receive greetings from your never forgotten mother.


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