Solin 4/1/1980

Dear uncle and aunt,
We received your letter in which you wrote about 50 anniversary of your marriage and we congratulate you on it. And we also wish you good health and long life in a circle of your family.

We are well thank God and we have some good news. Nada got married and she lives now in Imotski. She got married in Solin on 3rd of March 1979 and now her last name is Milas. The wedding was held at our house in a circle of family. We are sending you a photo from the wedding.

We are happy to say that we have a grandson; he was born on 29 of November 1979. He was baptized on Ocice (I donít know what that is I think a saint or a special day) on 23rd of December 1979 in the church Lady of the Island in Solin. His name is Jure. In his honor as he is our first grandson we had a big celebration.

Dragica is still in school she is currently enrolled to Faculty for Economy. My wife and me are working and we are in good health.

I donít have anything to write about for now so we are asking you to write few words to us and tell us what is new with you and your kids. We are hoping you will continue to write to us.

Receive greetings from families Rada and Milas

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